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Welcome to the first blog of Fit4Life.  A fitness Gym and Centre located in Newtown Mid Wales, we aim to frequently give you our views on health and fitness issues you may find important as we certainly do. If you have comments you wish to add or would like us to blog about a particular subject matter then please feel free to tell us... why not post a topic on our Faceboook Page, and we will certainly look at possibly using it and exploring further.
7/9/2012 21:23:59

Just taking a quick coffee break and wanted to post a hello

8/23/2012 01:59:26

Great blog, love the template.

9/5/2013 05:33:51

Good News. Please update your blog so that we can read your ideas and thoughts. Thanks.

3/2/2016 14:42:42

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    Welcome to the blog of Fit4Life in Newtown Powys, Mid Wales. Here we will be posting our views on health and fitness, explaining some of the questions you may have and putting our view across on what we think is important to get Fit4Life.


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